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3-2 Zone Defense

In basketball, this play is used to defend the opponent from scoring. The 3-2 zone defense is best for trapping the opponent and pickpocketing the ball from the opponent. This drill is mostly used in youth basketball games.  Even though this play may lead to winning games, Most of the coaches suggest using man to man defense while defending the opponents.

How to Play 3-2 Zone

  • The defenders will have to sit in 3 2 line position as given in the picture. When the ball is at the top, defender 3 will slightly step forward and guard the opponent.
  • If the ball is passed to the left-wing then player 4 guards the player and player 3 moves back to high post area position to make the same 3-2 zone defense.
  •  If the ball is dropped to the corner, player 1 slides to the corner opponent who has a ball. Player 2 covers the player in one’s previous position. At the same time player, 5 either have to drop down to protect player 2’s position or try to steal the ball of left while the opponent cross passes the ball.
  • Player 4 may give pressure to the corner opponent who has a ball.

3-2 Zone Defense Trapping Method

  • When the ball is at right-wing, player 4 defends the ball, and player 3 breaks the 3-2 zone defense to trap the ball.
  • Player 5 drops to slightly above the free-throw line and protects player 3 positions to anticipate pass to the opposite wing or at the top.
  • Player 1 comes out and tries to disrupt or steal the pass to the corner. Player 1 should be aware while sneaking the ball at the corner if there are opponents at the low post.
  • When the ball is at the corner, player 1 defends the ball, and player 4 traps the ball at a corner.
  • Player 2 drops to the player 1’s previous position.
  • Player 3 anticipates the pass into the top or wing post.
  • Player 5 anticipates the cross pass and also helps in defending the opposite side. Player 5 also has to call if the opponent drops to the low post.

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