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5 Simple Basketball Shooting Drills To Shoot Better!

How are you doing ballers, in today’s topic we are going to discuss the five simple basketball shooting drills to be a better shooter. These five simple drills help you to perfect your jump shots and take your shooting to the next level. This kind of drills can be done anywhere and anybody can do it. The main objective of this drill is to improve your confidence and smoothness while shooting. So, let’s get into these five simple drills.

Form Shooting Drill

First of all, we’ll start with a simple form of shooting. Players need a basic form to shoot in rhythm and in a smooth position. Shoot the ball from the painted area from the front and side of the hoop for 10 times each for 3 sets. When you shoot the ball, your shoots must be combined with the comport, repetition, and confidence in order to have better shooting. So the key to this basketball shooting drill is all about feeling comfortable and having smoothness while shooting.

Step Back Shooting Drill

Another simple basketball shooting drill is moving back shooting practice. To do this drill you need to step back after you make a shot in the rim. When you make a shot, keep stepping back with it. Keep moving back until and unless you cross the three-point line. This shooting drill helps you in forming your shooting position, being comfortable and finding your shooting range. You can put the cones to know your spots for stepping back.

One Leg Shot Drill

Many basketball players like Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, etc. practices one leg shot drill. While doing one leg drill, raise your one leg up, bend down and touch the ball to the ground. After touching the ball to the ground, raise up and shoot the ball. Remember, when you are bending down, you need to keep raising your leg until you shoot the ball. This simple basketball drill helps to improve your balance and mimic of perfect release.

Star Shooting Drill

The next shooting drill is the Star Shooting drill. You can do this drill with your friends in order to help rebound. So to do this, you have to start from the corner, run to the opposite wing and again run back to the next wing, run back to the other corner and run to the top of the three-point line. It becomes like a star if you draw it out. You need to shoot each from 5 three-point lines. As we’ve said before, these simple shooting drills help you to build your smoothness and confidence in your position.

One Dribble Pull up

The final drill we are going to discuss is a one-dribble pull-up. In this one-dribble pull-up drill, we’re going to add another phase. So instead of doing catch and one dribble and pull up, roll the ball to yourself, one dribble and pull the shoot. This simple drill helps you to shoot off the dribble lets you handle the dribble. This dribble stimulates dribbling the ball into a one-dribble pull-up.

All of the above-mentioned drills are shown below on how to shoot the ball. The content is written according to the ILoveBasketballTV

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