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How to Become a Better Shooter in Basketball?

Every Basketball player wants to become a better shooter. Mostly young players have been seeking for perfect shooting guidelines. Different coaches may have different styles or ways to teach how to shoot better in basketball. For beginners, BEEF shooting methods are used to make accurate shooting positions.

According to many NBA shooters and in our opinion, becoming a great shooter is not an easy task to do. It takes a lot of practice to become a better shooter in basketball. A different player has a different shooting position, for example, Stephen Curry releases his shot in very quick motion with perfect jump timing shots where big players like LeBron James jump as high as they can and release the ball. Similarly, Klay Thompson has perfect jump shot, faster than James and Slower than curry. So what pace of player are you and how do you shoot the ball?

What Is BEEF Shooting Method?

The beef shooting method is a simple teaching technique for beginners and young players. The meaning BEEF method is divided into four steps

B – Balance

E- Elbow

E- Eyes

F- Follow Through

  If you are a beginner then, you need to learn these above basic drills step by step to shooting the ball properly in the hoop. Try to balance the ball on your hand, raise your elbow in the accurate position, keep your eyes concentrate on the hoop and Follow through. Here is a video on how to shoot the ball correctly in basketball by Jonathan White, Youth Basketball Coordinator for the Cavaliers Academy.

How to Shoot Basketball Accurately? (Tips, Drills, and Skills)

Shooters are not born, they are made. Yes, they are made by doing a lot of practice and working hard day and night. If you want to be a pro shooter than you have to go through a lot of practice and keep shooting. In advance game, there is no time for BEEF methods practice. You need to grab the ball, jab the steps, and release the ball very quickly when you are in the game. Here are some tips on how to shoot the ball accurately and become a better shooter.

Elbow and fingertips position

  • First of all, try to shoot the ball with one hand in order to put pressure on your fingerprints.
  • Turn your elbow under the ball on the same height of shoulder and shoot it.
  •  The should not be on the palm, it must be on the fingertips.
  • Try these drills on the wall or onboard instead of shooting into the hoop.
  • While shooting the ball doesn’t support with other hands while practicing the shots.

 Remember that your thumb finger must not include while shooting the ball because according to the professional coaches, it will never be a consistent shooter.

Leg Strength

  • Leg strength while shooting the ball plays the main role in basketball.
  • You can shoot at great range if you have good leg strength.
  • Start with the feet up standing on your toe to have a good base
  • Explode the shots through your legs
  • Try to put your leg a bit front than others in order to get flexibility and confidence (if you are left-handed put your left leg a bit front of the right one). The same goes for the right.

Hand Strength

  • Hand strength is equally important as leg strength in order to shoot the ball in a perfect way.
  • Try to finish the shot by directing the ball right into the basket and hold through.
  • Sometimes you need to take an off-balance shot, depending upon your follow-through, you can guide the ball into the rim
  • Always have flexibility on your fingertips and elbow to maintain the proper poster of shooting position.

USA basketball has broken down shooting methods into 5 pieces on how to shoot the ball properly in basketball properly.

  1. Ball in your fingerprints
  2. Elbow up under the ball
  3. Don’t use guide hand
  4. Good leg base
  5. Hold follow-through

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