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Best Basketball Shoes in 2021

The footware industry has been growing at an exponential rate for decades. The sport’s growth and its popularity have led to more people wanting to play it or watch others do so. This has also created a need for better equipment that can help players perform their best during games. In addition, there are now more options than ever before when choosing what type of basketball shoes to buy. With all these factors combined, finding the best pair of shoes for your game could be difficult. So here is the best basketball shoe in 2021/22 suggested by experts.

The Curry 8 

The UA Curry 8 has an upper that provides great support and allows you to move freely in them. The midsole offers excellent cushioning with its soft EVA foam, which helps absorb impact from your game. It’s lightweight too, so it won’t weigh down your feet during long games or practices. The Stephen curry 8 shoes have excellent grip and traction indoors and have a durable rubber outsole that ensures traction on hard surfaces like concrete courts. Overall, this sneaker delivers comfort and performance at a price point that will make basketball fans happy. The main support of curry 8 comes from the bottom of the shoe.  

Kyrie S2

The shoe is a great blend between speed and comfort with its mesh upper and midsole construction. The heel counter provides nice traction and support while allowing you to move freely in your shoes. The Nike Kyrie S2 also has an excellent fit, making it easy to get into and out of. Overall this shoe offers good cushioning and stability without being too heavy or bulky. Kyrie S2 has material from the Kyrie 5 which seems to be comfortable. They have a very flexible sole unit so you can run fast but still maintain control over where you land.

Renew Elevate

This shoe is a great option if you are looking to get into basketball shoes. It has an excellent fit and feel, which makes it easy to play in. The upper material feels soft and comfortable on your feet. This helps reduce foot fatigue during long games or practices. The midsole provides enough cushioning that allows players to move around easily without feeling any discomfort. The outsole offers traction so that you can make quick moves when needed. 

PG 4

The shoe has a very good fit, with an excellent feel. The upper material feels soft to touch, but it does not have any smell or odor. It also provides great support for your feet. The midsole cushioning system gives you comfort while playing on hard surfaces. This Paul George 4 model offers maximum protection from impact injuries. The outsole design helps in providing traction during running. Overall this shoe is perfect for those who are looking for a high-quality pair of basketball shoes at low prices.

KD 13

The Nike KD 13 has been around since 2011 and it’s still going strong today, which means they have had plenty of time to perfect their design. This model features an upper made from mesh material, giving them a breathable mesh feel while keeping your feet dry at the same time. Nike has featured a full-length Zoom Air unit in the heel as well as a midfoot cage for added support. It comes equipped with a rubber outsole that provides traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This KD 13 model has excellent traction on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt and is also great for outdoor courts. The basketball shoes have the best cushion setups the company has ever tested. 

The Lebron 18 Low

The LeBron 18 low has the same setup as the Nike LeBron 17 Low, full-length Nike React with a heel Air Max unit. The air unit is similar to the one in the Nike Air Max 270, which runs basically half the shoe which makes it easier when trying to stop or change direction. The shoe is an extremely lightweight mesh that is breathable and comfortable and has mid-foot cushioning setups. Nike Lebron 18 low has been upgraded in terms of its durability and comfort while improving on some aspects such as the midsole cushioning and traction. The shoe has been engineered using an innovative knit upper construction that provides exceptional flexibility and durability while also providing enhanced ventilation throughout the entire shoe length.


The shoe is made from synthetic leather, which has excellent breathability. The upper material provides support to your feet while walking on uneven surfaces. It also offers comfort when you wear it all day long. The sole unit is durable enough to withstand heavy usage. This makes them ideal for running in bad weather conditions as well as playing basketball outdoors. They are available at an extremely low price point so that everyone can afford them. The traction of the Nike KD Trey 5 VIII is great on both indoor and outdoor courts and doesn’t pick a lot of dust. This mid-top basketball sneaker features a soft plush sock liner with a thick cushioned collar around the ankle area. There’s also a padded tongue and heel counter and the synthetic sole unit offers stability and grip. 

So, If you’re looking for a good pair of basketball shoes that will help you improve your game, then these pairs should be at the top of your list! They offer great value for money and come with excellent customer service. You can buy them online or visit any local store near you.

New Balance Kawhi

The New Balance Kawhi has been designed for players who want more than just comfort and support from their shoes. The shoe features an upper made of mesh that allows airflow through the foot while providing excellent breathability. The Kawhi signature shoe helps keep feet cool during long games or practices. A sock-like fit provides additional stability and protection against blisters. A padded collar around the ankle area adds extra cushioning and shock absorption. The traction on this shoe is excellent and it feels like you’re walking on air when wearing them. 

Jordan React Elevation

The Jordan React Elevation is an excellent shoe that offers good support and cushioning. It has a very stiff upper to protect your ankle from an injury. The midsole provides adequate shock absorption without being too soft, while the outsole gives enough traction on hard surfaces. The materials are okay though they are not premium.  Overall, the Air Jordan React Elevation is a decent choice if your main concern is comfort.

Air Jordan Why Not Zero.4

These basketball shoes are inspired by the NBA superstar Russell Westbrook. The Performance of the Air Jordan Why Not Zero.4 very soft, and also has some support in there. The midsole provides enough cushioning without being too firm or bouncy. They’re lightweight, breathable, and provide excellent lockdown without sacrificing comfort or flexibility. The shoes give perfect balance during crossovers, layups, and landings. The outsole rubber is durable with a data-informed tread pattern that helps you to move quickly on the game. It’s not as responsive a shoe as other models from this line, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away with wearing them on the court. They are comfortable throughout your game. 


The New Balance OMN1S is very light for its size. It has an upper that feels like leather that isn’t as stiff or heavy feeling as other shoes. They have a nice soft feel underfoot and don’t cause any blisters. The shoe is an excellent choice for any player looking for a great fit with good support and comfort. These sneakers provide excellent traction on hardwood floors or concrete surfaces. They also work extremely well when playing against other teams who wear similar footwear. The cushion provides enough support to keep your feet feeling fresh throughout the game and the material also looks very soft and is more durable than other shoes.

Tips before buying basketball shoe

The first thing you need to consider when buying any pair of sneakers is your foot size and shape. The next step would be choosing between high-top or low-cut, then deciding whether you want them to have an open toe or closed-toe. You can also choose from different materials like leather, mesh, synthetic, etc.

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