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Best Basketball Shorts to Wear in 2022

If you are a basketball player or fan then you probably love to wear basketball shorts that look cool as well as fit when you are in or outside the court. You may be confused about what kind of basketball shorts should you buy because there are loads of brands and options on the market. Well, when it comes to basketball shorts they should be comfortable, breathable, soft, and match your choice. So here are some of the best basketball shorts we have come out with according to the public as well as our reviews and choices. Here are some of the best basketball shorts we have picked for both men and women to wear in 2021/2022.

Champion Mesh Short

You may be wondering why this short came on the top list. Basically, most people are concerned with mesh, waistband, and fits when they are looking for basketball shorts. The Champion Mesh basketball short has all of them. The short is made up of classic polyester mesh with tricot lining and has an elastic waistband. The short is lightweight and breathable which allows you to move freely while playing basketball. Talking about the pocket, we also have considered it as best basketball shorts with pockets because it has enough storage to hold for cell phones, wallets, and keys.

Nike Dri-FIT Icon

If you are a serious basketball player and want to rock the Nike basketball shorts then Nike Dri-Fit Icon is maybe the best option for you. The shorts are made up of lighter material which allows you to move your legs quickly when you are on the court. This short is also a perfect material for summer. You can also use these shorts as running or gym shorts. It has a dry-fit technlogoy with excellent breathability. The high-quality short has an elastic waistband with an internal drawstring to adjust your waist fit. They do have deep enough pockets to fit a phone or wallet without falling out.

Under Armour Tech Graphic Shorts

The UA Tech Short Sleeve features a mesh design that allows moisture to be wicked away from the body. These shorts are made up of fabric, dries quickly. The mesh also helps keep you cool by allowing air to flow through. You can move your legs freely while playing basketball  This short is made from 100% polyester which is ultra-soft and gives a natural feel. The short is encased with an elastic waistband and an internal drawcord to adjust. The pocket of UA shorts also has pockets where you can carry your wallet and cellphone easily. They are very light and breathable and don’t restrict your legs at all.

Adidas Men’s Crosssup 365 Short

This short has attractive color with great material and feel. The short is designed in the name of NBA All-star Donovan Mitchell.  Adidas Men’s Crossup 365 Short has great material and feel. It is made up of 100 percent polyester which is soft and light. These lose-fitting AEROREADY shorts absorbs sweat to cool you down so you can rock on the court for a longer time than before. It can be washed by machine and hand as well. This Adidas short is has an elastic waist with a drawcord to keep your shorts tight while playing basketball.

Under Armour Prototype 2.0 Logo Shorts

Most people these days are fond of wearing UA and the brand is producing very authentic products. The UA prototype 2.0 logo shorts are way attractive than others. It has durable textured knit fabric as they are very lightweight and is made up of 100 percent polyester. You can move your legs freely and are breathable while playing basketball. It has great material that absorbs sweat and dries very fast. The short is incased with elastic waistband with internal drawcord to keep your short tighten. The UA prototype short also has two open-handed pockets that fit your purse and cellphone or your keys. 

Ultra Game NBA  Knit Active Basketball Shorts

The ultra game basketball shorts are made of breathable, moisture wick fabric that provides an optimal level of comfort while keeping you dry during those hot summer days. The sweatpant features a unique design with a contrasting accent color at the bottom hemline as well as a woven team logo on the left leg. These shorts also feature elasticized waistbands and a drawstring for easy on and off. The material has been tested for flame resistance according to ASTM D6400. It meets all requirements set out by this standard. It also has two pockets that fit your purse, cellphone, and car keys. 

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