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Best Basketball Socks in 2022

When it comes to basketball, you always need to have the right pair of socks like you have the best basketball shoes for your game. Good basketball socks can help you to perform better on the court while you are playing.

Nowadays many basketball socks are studied and technically designed focusing on their materials, support, design, and comfort. If you are confused about what sort of socks should you buy then here are some top-picked basketball socks according to their famous reviews, most recommended, and best performance. 

Under Armour Adult Drive Basketball Quarter Socks

Under Armour is now one of the fastest-growing brands in sports especially in basketball. Like the other basketball socks, UA also has its design to keep the players’ feet comfortable, supportive, and flexible to reduce foot fatigue. 

What I most like about these Under Armour Adult Drive Basketball Quarter socks is it has different padding zones for left and right feet. It has higher in the front than the back to which works with the high-top shoes as well. The socks have a padded heel which gives a little extra comfort and its upper mesh helps to keep the feet cool. The true seamless toe provides superior comfort and reduces irritation when playing.

The nicest part of these socks is it has anti-odor technology which helps to prevent odor in the sock and the material wicks sweat and dries fast.

Adidas Creator 365 Crew  Basketball Socks

Adidas creator is also one of the best basketball socks because it has everything player needs.  It has great comfort, is durable, and fits the perfect size. These socks have nice padding and if you want a little bit of a pump from underneath these socks are the right choice for you.

Adidas Creator 365 Crew  Basketball Socks has nice grip padding at the forefoot and right in front of the heel which will help to keep surface contact between you and shoes. The socks have nice arch support and a nice cushion around the ankle to avoid pain. 

Nike Elite Versatility Crew Basketball Socks

The Nike Elite Versatility socks are also one of the professional basketball socks which are officially worn by NBA players. These socks have double the amount of spandex compared to their Dry Elite counterpart and are more stretchable than IKE Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball

The design of these socks is attractive. These socks have ventilation zones future that makes them extremely breathable and has a nice arch band to secure your foot.  There is a thick cushion pad around the heel and forefoot to give you extra support while jumping and protecting from foot fatigue. These socks have a ribbed pattern under the forefeet to make sure it has a good grip between the foot and shoe. 

Under Armour Adult Drive Basketball Crew Socks

Under Armour Adult Drive Basketball Crew Socks are extremely strong and durable because these socks are made from 50 percent nylon. UA has made a cushion around the ankle and has great compression around the arches part to secure and protect from injury.

The material of this sock is breathable and absorbs sweat very fast. Its foot and sole part have ribbed patterns to make sure the socks do not slip away from the sole of the shoes. Overall these socks have everything you need while playing basketball. 

NIKE Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks

NIKE Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks are high basketball performance socks and are also current official NBA socks. The cushioning, arch support, and design of these socks are superb. It has been built with Nike’s Dri-FIT technology to absorb sweats to keep your feet comfortable while playing.

As for the forefeet and heel area, Nike has provided grip technology to keep the socks in the right place between you and your shoes when you are cutting, running, or jumping. The low part of the foot and forefeet are thickly padded to give you extra support and cushioning when your foot is in the action and the upper part of the socks is ribbed so that it becomes breathable. 

What Material is Best for Basketball Socks?

Basketball socks should be made up of different materials. Socks should be comfortable, flexible, durable, and supportive. Some brands make socks that are more expensive than others.

Synthetic materials are better than cotton because they are more durable but if you sweat too much then I prefer you to have cotton socks. You should buy synthetic socks if your feet are comfortable during sports activities.

What sort of socks should you wear? Crew, Low or Mid?

Most performance basketball socks come in three different lengths of low, medium, and crew.

Players who use low-cut shoes usually wear crew socks to provide ankle support. These socks are also perfect for guards and for players whose ankles need extra support for fast moves. Most NBA and other basketball players are often seen using crew socks. 

Low socks are a fashion style that is often used by people who don’t care about what others think. These sorts of socks are also used as normal and fashionable socks. 

Mid socks are the most comfortable type of socks as they are neither too warm nor too constricting. Some NBA players are also seen wearing mid-length socks. They also provide enough support for your ankle so you need not worry about sprinting your ankle. 

Conclusion: You can wear any kind of socks low mid or crew it’s up to your choice. But if you play basketball, I prefer mid or long socks because it supports ankle protection. 

Does Thickness Matter for Basketball Socks? 

The thickness of Socks is not important when you’re playing basketball. Players should wear what they feel comfortable wearing. If you get a lot of sweating when you are in action, you can have thick socks. 

Should basketball socks have arch support? 

Arch support is very important for basketball socks. Arch supports should be worn to avoid foot pain. Different socks offer different methods of arch support. Compression bands keep arches tight while still being very comfortable.

What kind of socks do NBA players wear?

NBA basketball players wear different types of socks. They have their signature company socks like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, and so on. Most of them wear the NikeGrip socks which are also NBA official socks.  Some of them are also seen using Nike Elite socks.

How Long Do Good Basketball Socks Last?

Good basketball socks are made to be durable and last for a long time. It also depends upon how often you use it and what kind of material is socks made up of.  You can expect your basketball socks to last for several years if you choose socks made up of synthetic rather than cotton. 

How to Choose the Best Basketball Socks?

Choosing the best basketball socks depends on your personal preferences and style. You can choose crew socks, mid socks, or knee-high socks.

High socks are often worn by people who play sports such as basketball. These types of socks are used to protect feet from blisters and other foot problems. Socks should be chosen based on your needs and preferences.

However, basketball players prefer thick socks because they want extra cushioning for their feet. Socks shouldn’t be too thin, though. If you have narrow shoes, then you need socks that aren’t too thick.

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