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Best Outdoor Basketball

The Best outdoor basketball is the one that can withstand all weather conditions and will last for years without any maintenance or replacement. Outdoor Basketball should be made from a durable material, have perfect grip and bounce characteristics. The ball must also be easy to handle and not too heavy so it won’t cause fatigue in your hands after long hours of play. After reviewing several models from customers and experts, here are the picks for the best outdoor basketballs available today. 

WILSON Evolution Game Basketball

The Wilson Evolution Game basketball is the world’s best-selling basketball up to date. This sort of basketball is mostly used in high school games across the country. The ball has a moisture-wicking composite cover to the laid-in channels which provide exceptional performance while dribbling. Though the ball is preferred indoors only, they are better than 90% of outdoor basketball.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Ball

The Wilson NCAA Replica Game Ball is the real thing. It has all of the same features as an actual ball, including weight and feel,s and is considered an excellent product by the reviewers. The balls have composite leather which gives you a soft feel and smoothness when you handle the ball either for shooting, passing, or dribbling. Though the ball is made for official  NCAA games, it has great durability on outdoor surfaces too. 

Spalding Street Phantom Outdoor

The basketball is made from a special blend of synthetic and natural rubber, which makes it more durable than other balls used in street games. It has an outer cover that provides protection against dirt and moisture while maintaining its shape for longer periods of time. This ball also features a unique design with a bright neon blue color to make it easier to see during play. Street Phantom comes with a solid grip technology on its surface so that you can easily hold it without slipping off.

Wilson NCAA Final Four

The NCAA Final Four edition basketball is an excellent choice to celebrate any court whether it is indoor or outdoor. This high-quality ball features premium composite leather construction that will last you many years. The deep channel design provides superior grip while maintaining its shape during play. A soft rubber bladder ensures long-lasting inflation and will not leak or deflate during play. 

Spalding Zi/O Indoor-Outdoor

This ball was designed for use in all weather conditions. The exterior layer of rubber provides protection from rain or snow while the inner core keeps you dry during inclement weather. This combination makes Excel ideal for playing indoors as well as outdoors. In fact, many players prefer using this ball over other brands because they are able to play with less fear that their game will be affected by bad weather.

Spalding NBA Replica Indoor/Outdoor

The Spalding NBA Replicas are the official basketball of the National Basketball Association and have been since 1985. The ball is made from a special rubber compound and has an excellent feel to it when being played with your hands or dribbled around. It’s also very durable as well. The Spalding NBA outdoor and indoor Basketball are made of high-quality materials that will last through years of use. 

Spalding Zi/O Excel Basketball

 The ZI/O  excel has been designed specifically for use on indoor and outdoor courts. This product has featured soft foam backing to provide comfort during long games or practices.  The ball is built with composite leather construction and is extremely durable and long-lasting. The design features a unique pattern on its surface to help players get more control over your shots. 

Spalding NBA Street Outdoor Basketball

The first thing about this ball is it is light when compared with other balls. It’s also very durable as well. The rubber cover feels like it will last forever. The soft exterior makes it easy on your hands as well as the court surface. Spalding NBA street outdoor Basketball is build to play in streets or driveways for the street ballers. There are two different sizes available one for youth players and one for intermediate-level.

Wilson Killer Crossover

The Wilson Basketball has been designed specifically for use on outdoor courts and synthetic surfaces. The ball features an Optimate technology that provides consistent grip and bounce characteristics while maintaining excellent durability. This model also comes equipped with a Wilson logo printed onto its surface. You can use the ball both indoors as well as outdoors and is very suitable for every game from recreational to the professional level. 

Wilson NCAA MVP Rubber

The reason for this ball being listed is mostly due to the children’s likes. Most of the youngsters are liking this rubber ball because it fits perfectly for them. This durable basketball features a durable rubber surface that provides excellent traction while maintaining its shape. You can use this ball both indoor and outdoor as its material is made of composite. Though the logo of the ball may fade fast the life of the ball is pretty much fine.

Things you should know before Buying an Outdoor Basketball

Size & Weight 

If you have decided that you need a new basketball then consider the size. There are many types of basketballs like mini, youth, junior, adult, official, etc. All these basketballs come in various sizes so make sure that you buy the correct sized basketball according to your height or age.

Basketball weights vary from 5 ounces to 15 pounds. A heavy basketball feels more comfortable on your hands during shooting. Whereas light-weighted basketballs do not provide enough support to your hand.

Know Actual Size and Weight of Basketballs that are used for different level

Material and Cover

This is the most important thing that matters a lot while choosing the outdoor ball. We all love our favorite sports shoes or clothes because of the materials used in making them. Similarly, every basketball has some kind of material used in manufacturing it. And, the material plays a major role in determining how long can you use the product without getting damaged? In the case of basketball, the material determines whether it’s going to last longer or not. So, always check out the material used in making the basketball.


The next thing you must check out while choosing an ideal basketball is its grip. It must have a good grip and should be sweat retention so that it does not slip out easily when being played on the court.  Outdoor surfaces are often wetter than indoor ones. The combination of dirt, mud, and water makes for slippery conditions. A slick ball isn’t going to do you any favors when you are playing on the outside court. So, choose a ball that has a grippy exterior. 


This one might be obvious but it needs mentioning again because people often forget about it. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an outdoor basketball is whether it has been manufactured properly. A cheap ball may easily turn out of shape or gets deflated quickly comparing to the original ball.


This is one of the most important aspects of selecting a basketball. It determines whether the ball bounces high enough so that you can develop better footwork and balance while performing various tricks and also makes it easy to shoot from mid-range or low range. You can easily identify if the ball has too little or too much bounce because it bounces differently than any other object.


A good quality basketball must last long enough so that you don’t need to buy another one after some time. It is very essential to check out the durability of the basketball before buying it. If you want to use it outdoors, make sure that it doesn’t get damaged due to weather changes. 

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