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college basketball team’s stars were nicknamed “the fab five” in the ’90s?

The Fab fFive, also known as the Fabulous Five, was a group of five University of Michigan basketball players who were selected to play in the college basketball game. They are considered by many to be among the greatest college basketball teams ever assembled in the 1990s and have been referred to as one of the most dominant collegiate basketball programs of all time. 

History of Five Fab

The Michigan basketball team had only 3 starts at first in 1991-92. They did not play at the same time until December 7 against Eastern Michigan and did not start regularly until Feb 9, 1992.  After their unite they scored all team points against Notre Dame. The fab five wore black athletics shoes, socks, and baggy shorts which affronted the college basketball convention at that time. 

In 1992’s NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament Michigan got a rematch against Ohio State Buckeyes team in the elite eighth round. The team was beaten by Ohio State two times during the regular season by double digits before. Michigan won the rematch where the points were scored only by Five Fab. 

 Sadly,  they did not win any Big Ten Regular or NCAA Championship. They reached the NCAA championship game as freshmen in 1992 and again as sophomores in 1993.  The team lost Duke 71-51 in 1992 and North Carolina 77-71. 


The Former All-Star NBA player Webber was graduated from Detroit Country Day School. He led his teams to three MHSAA basketball championships, won state and national high school Gatorade Player of the Year awards, and Mc Donald’s All- American Game MVP. 

Webber was well known because of his 7th-grade dunk in AUU basketball. He is also remembered for calling timeout with 11 seconds remaining in the game clock though there wasn’t any time out left which led the Michigan team to technical foul and lost the game against North Carolina. After completing his sophomore from Michigan City he was drafted in NBA with the 1st overall pick by Orlando Magic. Webber played for five NBA teams and got retired from his basketball career in 2008 from Sacramento Kings.


Jalen Rose became a star in his Southwestern High School in Detroit and had obtained a high profile in his basketball career. He attended the University of Michigan where Fab Five was formed and reached two finals games in 1992 and 1993  as a national runner up averaging 17. 6 points per game.  Jalen Rose can be seen playing the high school basketball documentary Hoop Dreams. 

Jalen Rose was point guard as well as a leader in Five Fab. He scored over 1700 points, 400 assists, and 100 steals. After leaving Michigan University after his junior year he was drafted in NBA in the 1994 by Denver Nuggets with the 1st round 13th pick. He played for 6 teams in NBA and ended his career in Phoenix Suns. 


Juwan Howard became the first and only member of the Fab Five to win an NBA Championship in the NBA. After having a successful career at Chicago Vocational Career Academy as an All American Center and Honors Student, Juwan was signed to Michigan University where Five Fab were formed.

NBA Allstar Juwan was drafted in 1994 in NBA by Washington Bullets with 1round 5th pick after leaving the University of Michigan after his junior year. He played for 10 NBA teams and has won 2 championships in 2012 and 2013 with Miami Heat. Though he retired in 2013 he remained as an assistant coach with Miami Heat from 2014 to 2019. Juwan was announced as head coach at the University of Michigan on May 22, 2019, on behalf of John Beilein. 

Jimmy King

Jimmy King is a former All-American basketball player at his high school in Plano East Senior School in Plano, Dallas. He graduated from Michigan University and was one of the players who didn’t leave Michigan University and was drafted into the NBA from the same University. 

Jimmy King was selected as 35th pick in the second round of 1995 by Toronto Raptors in NBA and played for two teams in his NBA career. King developed his career mostly in Quad city Thunder in Continental  Basketball Game. He retired with a career average of 4.5 points after his 1996-97 season. After his retirement, King worked as a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch Wall Street and served as radio color commentator in 2008-09.


Ray Jackson is a former All-American basketball player who is one of  Five Fab members in the Michigan University basketball team. Though he was least known in Five Fab, he was also one of the two players who did not leave Michigan University. Perhaps he did not make it to the NBA and was drafted into the Continental Basketball Association by Rapid Hoops as the 35th overall pick in 3rd round in 1995.

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