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Dynamic Warm Up For Basketball

Warming your body before the basketball game is a must to perform good results. Going through the dynamic warm-up before the game helps in increasing strength and athleticism. The goal of warm-ups in a basketball game is to increase the core of your muscles, heating your body temperature, prevent injury, and getting you ready to perform the best on the basketball ground. We are going through simple movements you can add in before you start a basketball game.

High Kicks warm-up

The high kick warm-up in a basketball game is important to stretch your leg parts. This exercise is great for legs and glutes which increases the lower body and core strength and also improves the flexibility of the hamstrings. We’re going to bring our leg up. As you start, just go for the size you are comfortable and as you progress try to kick as high as you can.

High Kick Warm up

High Knees Warm Up

This warm-up is a cardio-intensive workout that is performed at a high pace. It helps in stretching the lower part of your muscles and pumps your heart rate and improves momentum, and flexibility. While performing the high knees warm-up, while you are walking, try to bring your knee to your chest. Also, keep practicing and if you are good to go you can also try to push higher than your chest.

High Knee Workout

Butt Kick

This workout helps in increasing your heart rate and helps in burning calories. Butt kick warm up strengthens hamstrings and helps in preventing injuries. To this warm-up exercise, try to drive your hills up to your butt. What you can also do is if you are not able to drive your hill up than you can grab your leg and squeeze your glue on the same butt side.

Butt Kick Workout

Walking Lunge with Twist

This type of warm-ups in a basketball game focuses on hip flexing stretch. The Walking Lunge with a Twist helps in building lower body and activates your quads, glutes, and core. It also improves your body balance and proprioception he Maintains your lounge position and uses your same side hand where your knees are down. Slightly bring your hand up as much as you can and twist. You can feel the flex on your hip structure while doing it.

Walking Lunge with Twist

Hip Mobility Circuit

For this dynamic warm-up, you need to grab a wall for support. After you get wall support try to take your one leg and sidekick it and try the same rep on the other side too.  After that circuit tries to kick back straight up by circling up your leg to activate the gluts. The hip Mobility Circuit helps in increasing your athletic performance and helps in preventing back pain/injuries.


When you do the plank, you activate your core muscles of your front body part. While doing the plank, try to squeeze up your body to activates your core muscles.


Air Squat

Air Squat warm up helps you in stretching your bottom, thigh, and calf muscles. This dynamic workout target thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes and also helps in improving body balance. To do the air squat warm ups for the basketball game, you need to stand on athlete position and your body should be straight. Drop down to deep squat hold up for second and come back up.

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