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How to Get Better Handles in Basketball?

Hey, there basketball lovers. In this context, we’re going to talk about some of the keys to get better handles in basketball. We will be working for five-minute ball handling with some stationary dribbling and on the ball-handling drills. Now, these drills are made for those ballers who are willing to improve their basketball handles fast.

Between The Legs

After completing the crossover drill of 45 seconds, Switch for between the legs drills. Without any rest continue dribbling back and forth in between the legs continuously drill for 15 seconds. After completing one rep of between the legs, switch the leg and keep repeating the same drill for another 15 seconds to improve your basketball handles.

Pound Dribble

To improve your ball handling with pound dribbling, you need to keep the ball dribbling with your upper part of fingertips. Dribble the ball below your waist and keep your chest and eyes up. Make sure that your leg must be in an athletic position. Keep dribbling the ball on one hand for 30 seconds and quickly change the ball on the other hand and repeat the same drill for 30 seconds. Remember, when you do this drill you need to dribble the ball at a fast pace.


As soon as you have finished the pound dribble quickly change your position to crossover drill. Keep pushing the crossover drill for 15 seconds. Change the drill into one dribble crossover variation quickly after 15 seconds. Continue the drill for 30 seconds. Repeat this crossover handles for 45 seconds to get better on your basketball.

Figure 8

After finishing between the leg now switch to figure 8 drill. In figure 8 drill you need to stand on athlete position with wide-leg open and dribble the ball in between the legs. Keep repeating this drill for the 30 seconds to improve your basketball handles. In 5-minute sprint drills to get handles in basketball, we now have completed 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Watch the video given below if you don’t know what figure 8 is.

Around The World

When you are done with the figure 8 drill, switch to the next drill “around the world”. When you are doing around the world drill, stand on the defense position and dribble the ball as low as you can. Dribble the ball between your leg and keep repeating the drill for 15 seconds to get better in basketball handling. Now we have completed a 3-minute sprint drill.

In and Out

After completing around the world drill, quickly switch to in and out dribbles. In and out dribble is also known as the most effective drill to beat the opponent. Continue the drill for 15 seconds on each hand to get better handles in basketball.

Behind the Back

When you are done within and out dribbling, switch to behind the back drill for another 30 seconds, stay low on defense position and keep dribbling behind the back for a half minute. Remember, don’t rest until and unless you complete the 5-minute drill.  Here is a short clip of behind the back drill to improve your basketball handle.

Double Between the Legs

As soon as you finish the behind the back drill. Switch to double between the kegs. The drill is the same as scissor drill but you need to be in movement. As soon as you do two crossovers try to run forward for 2 3 steps and repeat the same double between the legs.

If you are confused with the drills, you can watch the video below and follow the steps to get better handles in basketball by THINCPRO Basketball. Keep training this five-minute sprint drill daily for 3 to 4 times to improve your basketball handles.

Source: THINCPRO Basketball

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