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How does Fantasy Basketball Work?

The game is on creating teams from NBA players from the league and earning points based on their performance in real life in NBA games. So, How Does Fantasy Basketball work? It works as the same other fantasy sports. You have to analyze the performance of players on the court in real life to get good points. The players earn their point according to their stats and are decided winners and looser on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. It is easy to get inside the NBA fantasy game than any other fantasy game because Nba includes few draft players than other games do.

What is Fantasy Basketball?

Fantasy basketball is known as a fantasy sport which was established by droning the 1990’s after arriving internet. In fantasy basketball players take the role of General Manager of the fantasy team. GM can create their own team drafting an actual NBA player according to their stats. This kind of game is popularized by the sports channel ESPEN NBA Yahoo and Dankest Fantasy Basketball.

How to Play Fantasy Basketball?

Before getting into the Fantasy Game, you need to understand the formats and patterns of the game. Players’ stats and points are determined by their performance in the league.

Normally there are four basic ways to get points in Fantasy Basketball


The scoring framework figures out which group has aggregated the most focus. This is resolved week after week, and there is additionally a lineup cutoff time. It’s like a simple mathematical calculation. the group with the most focuses wins. The victor is the group that gathers the most focuses for the season. For example, (Assists =1.5 focuses on the Head-to-Points model above).

Head to Head Roto

Head to Head Roto Games is included every week. The game is played against another member of your league. The wins and losses are determined by the player’s game in NBA who are playing on the court in real life. In Head to Head Roto game, there will only be one winner and a looser. It can also be a tie in some cases. The winner is selected by comparing their performance and stats like steals, points, rebound, assists and so on. For example, if your team combines 200 points, 300 rebounds, and 150 assists, compared to my team’s 350 points, 160 rebounds, and 100 assists, you are the winner in this match. The format is the same as fantasy baseball. 

Head to Head Points

The Head to Head Points is as same as Head to Head. But in Head to Head, you need to achieve total points according to give presets values. The winner is announced by calculating the present value of the player’s stat by their given categories.

The values are as following: 

  • Points (+1)
  • Rebounds (+1.2 or 1.25)
  • Assists (+1.5)
  • Steals/Blocks (+3)
  • Turnovers (-1)

The Head To Head Points games are similar to the fantasy football game. It is easy to understand how your commissioner assigns the value. 


In ROTO you will get a unit every time when your players contribute to the event in the game. The number of points you receive in each category depends upon the number of teams participated in the league. IF there are 10 teams the best sats get 10 points and the second one gets 9 and so on until the last team gets 1 point. Let us say If your player gets a rebound than the category gets one point. After that, your total score points according to total rebound are calculated and compared with other teams. To finalize the result of the team’s position, you have to total the points in all categories. 

Head to Head Scoring 

The team competes against each other in terms of receiving points in fantasy basketball. These points are mainly based on their player performance in the real game. By this was most scoring team is selected as a winner.

The team winner decision can be classified into two categories.

Most categories

 In these categories, the team who grabs the most point for each of the categories wins the game. The point is received according to the number of categories taken into the account.

One Category 

In this category, the team has to collect the most significant number of points for their category. At the end of the league, all weekly achievements are calculated to finalize the seasonal result. 

How does fantasy basketball draft work? 

Drafting is the process of picking up players by judging their skills to make your team strong. Here is how the fantasy basketball draft works. 

You will have to need from 10 to 12 teams each containing 13 roaster spots or player. 

Each General Manager has 13 roster spots in which they select the player to fill up the spots. It can be done using a trade, draft or waiver wire. 

Drafting is done before the season starts. The teams in the game are selected on a random basis. Some GM may user use predetermined methods. The league varies according to the size and it consists of 10 to 12 teams. 

Standard drafts

Drafting depends upon how you make your team strong. Focusing on the block, rebound or shooting categories, the GM drafts the player. GM can draft three players from the same position in a row. 

For example, if you draft three shooting players. Your target is to score as much more from the field. All three of them play every night and things look a bit different when it comes to the player. 

In some league, GM is allowed to include only one player at a traditional position with a deep bench and a utility while others allow for one bench spot and utility player. The rules vary from league to league depending upon management and fantasy contest systems. 

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