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How Long Is Halftime In Basketball?

Like other sports basketball also has halftime after the end of the 2nd quarter or 1st half. The halftime is given for the team for a break and start their game in a new energetic way with new changes in their play. It is also a time where the team changes their field side to make sure it is fair play.

How long is half-time in basketball?

The official halftime for basketball is 15 minutes long. Accuosations like NBA NCAA and WNBA have not more than 15 minutes break in the middle of the full game. In high school, the halftime in basketball may span for 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the league. Generally, the halftime is 15 minutes but sometimes the time may be extended for a special reason.

How long is halftime in college basketball?

The college basketball has an official time of 15 minutes halftime. The halftimes are given to adjust the strategy and play for the next 2nd half-game for the team and coaches.  In between the halftime certain ceremonies, acts, and commercial ads are also placed to entertain the people who are watching the game.

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