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How Many Fouls In Basketball

A foul in basketball is an inappropriate act by a player in the game which is against the rule. The foul may be intentional or accidental. There are three types of fouls in basketball, personal, technical and flagrant fouls.

Personal Foul

When the opponent gets physically in contact with the player while trying to score or attack the hoop, the personal foul is encountered. Foul maybe push, illegal screen, hold, block, and is the most common foul type in basketball. There are six personal foul limits in NBA, FIBA and five personal fouls limit NCAA, college, and high school basketball. The player will be disqualified If they reach the foul limit and will be out from the game.

Flagrant Foul

This type of foul is called when the player takes excessive contact with the opponent while defending intentionally or unintentionally. There are two types of flagrant foul in basketball; flagrant 1 and flagrant 2. The flagrant 1 foul is known as unnecessary contact and flagrant 2 is known as unnecessary excessive contact, resulting in an ejection of the player from the game.  

Technical foul

A technical foul was given when the team or player shows no sportsmanship or violates the game rule. There are many reasons for a technical foul in basketball according to their action on the game. The foul is given when the player, coach, or trainer shows sportsmanship in the game like intentionally kicking, punching, or throwing a basketball. The team may also get a technical foul when they do illegal substitution or for having more than required players on the court.

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