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How Many Players On A Basketball Team

Basketball is known as a popular game all around the globe. The game is has two team playing with eachother consisting of several players on each team. Most people may have not known how many players on a basketball team will be. The number of teams varies upon the leagues whether it is 5 on 5 or 3 on 3.

5 on 5

In 5 on 5 the game is played in full-court each team consist of 12 to 15 players on a basketball team. The 12 players are presented in the game whereas the remaining 3 are kept in reserve. Every 5 players from both teams will be on the court for play and the rest 7 of them will be on the substitution bench.

3 on 3

The 3 on 3 games are played in half-court and there are 4 players on a basketball team. Each team has 3 players on the court and the remaining 1 is kept as a substitution.

So, officially in the game, there will be a total of 12 players on the full court 5 on 5, and 4 players on half court 3 on 3 on a basketball team.

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