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How Many Steps Can You Take in Basketball?

Traveling in Basketball is the violation of rules on basketball if when a player carries a basketball without dribbling and move their feet illegally. Travel is basketball is also called as steps or walking in another language. There are different rules on how many steps you can take in basketball according to the league. Some league may offer 3 steps and some may end up with two steps.

High School / College Basketball

The player is allowed to take one and a half steps before travel is called in high school or college basketball. After the pivot foot is lifted, you have to either pass or shoot the ball to avoid traveling violation. Since High School and College games are a bit strict and athletic, gather steps are not allowed by the officials.


In NBA player can take extra steps while grabbing the ball before using pivot. The step before the player grabs the ball is known as gather steps. After the gather steps are taken, the player can take two steps to finish the ball in the rim or pass the ball to the teammates.


In FIBA, the rule of traveling is quite similar to the NBA. You can take a step while you grab the ball which is known as 0 steps. After that, you can take 2 pivots in the game like the NBA and shoot or pass the ball to the team.  The FIBA has divided steps into 0, 1 and 2.

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