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How much does Basketball Referee make?

In basketball, the professional referee makes income according to the game based on their referee level. The paycheck for officials or referees has categorized upon the professional, college and high school games. Since basketball game is a multi-billion-dollar industry, the paycheck for referee is figured in more than 3 digits per year. Besides this, the referees are also paid hourly in the games according to their division

How much does Professional Basketball Referee Make?

The professional referee or NBA referee is hired on a contract basis in the professional games organized by FIBA or NBA. Talking about the NBA, the referees are given 8 months’ full-time jobs. Professional referees are paid per game and they make around $1800 to $6000 in a game. In the whole 8-month season there are around 82 games.   So by calculating their income per game, the professional referee makes around $150,000 to $550,000. The income of a professional referee depends upon their experience. The playoff referees are also paid more due to the pressure and tight game in NBA. According to the Sports Economist, the NBRA (National Basketball Referee Association) reported that the professional basketball referee makes lower than $91000 in 2009 season and in 2008 the claimed the referee’s salary as $95,000 to $300,000 per season.

How much does College Basketball Referee make?

In comparison to those professional basketball games, the NCAA or College basketball game is almost equal to the NBA newbie referee. The NCAA or college referee earns more than $725 to $2000 per game. The income of the referee depends upon their experience in-game. In the NCAA or college basketball game, there is a total of 70 seasons. By calculating their average salary ranges from $10,000 to $200,000.

How much does High School Basketball Referee make?

In the High School Basketball game, referees can make their income per game or hour. They also sign a contract in terms of big games.  In comparison to College and NBA or professional games, the referee earns around $50 to $75 per game. The paycheck for referees also depends upon the division league. In Division 3 referee make around $135 per game whereas in Division 1 their paycheck is around $700 per game.

Moreover, these are the paychecks referees of the USA. There are different income of referee depending upon the country. If you have any data on how much do referee make in basketball in your country please let us know on the comment below.

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