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How to Coach Basketball?

Many coaches don’t know how to coach the players. Well, it is not that hard if you learn how to. Most of the coaches don’t know how to start and what to teach.  If you are new and learn how to become a basketball coach, then you are in the right place. So without wasting time let’s get into the topic of how to become a basketball coach.

                If you are totally new and haven’t started coaching, then it will be easy if you start with small grades players. There are no short cuts, every coach needs to go through level one. You can teach how to handle the ball, how to form shooting positon, shoot layups and so on. Depending upon the age and skill level of the kids, you will learn how to guide children and when to jump on other steps. Collect stats of the players and make some schedule about how to train them. This will be your first step on how to coach basketball.

How to Coach Young Basketball Players?

It takes more than a year to teach all the skills for youth players. Since there is no easy way, you need to focus on long term development. Don’t try to train them too hard, it may hurt them in the long run. Let the youths master the basics first so that they can produce an effective result after a year or two. Here are some advice and drills used by most of the coaches that you can teach youth players.

Lay Ups

Layups are the most fundamental training for the basketball player whether they are pro or beginner. You should focus on both hands equally on how to lay up the ball inside the hoop.  Teach them how to take proper pivot while laying up the ball. Work on how to release the ball from both left and right hands. Teach the players how to take pivot before layups.

Ball Handling

Ball handling also plays the main role in the basketball game. Players need to learn how to handle the ball so that other opponents won’t be able to steal the ball from them. Ball handling is also needed for speed driving and dodging opponent. Teach youths how to low dribble and high dribble the ball. Add some between the legs, behind the back and crossover drills in the schedule too. Most youth pick up knowledge of ball-handling even they cannot dribble properly.

Shooting Form

Small age group also faces a problem with shooting position and still get confused about shooting the basketball. Train them with a small ball at first so that they can handle the ball properly. Make them understand the field goal, 2-points area, 3-point area, etc. Teach them how to handle and palm the ball while releasing the ball into the basket. Also, teach them about the fingertips advantage too.

Foot Work

Most beginners have a problem with their foot works. Teach them how to stay on a triple threat position and dividing moves with left as well as the right hand. Make them understand how many steps they can take while dribbling, giving pass or before shooting the ball.  Make them clear about the travel rules and other footwork violations.


Basketball passes are used to make plays in terms of advancing the game so focusing on the pass is most. Most of the junior basketball coach doesn’t realize pass plays the main role in communicating the player and making effective plays. Teach students how to pass the ball properly like chest to chest pass, bounce pass plus overhead passes. Also, teach them how to throw a fast-break ball. This will not only improve their passing skills and but also boost teamwork and assists.

Defense Position

Children may not know about the proper defense position or how to move while defending. Break out the moves and teach them how to slide while defending the opponent and move the hands to distract them. Spend time teaching on how to stay on a defensive stance and move with the opponent at the same time. Try teaching full court side to side slide drills, let them know about the advantages of toes while defending. Also, teach them how to stay away from violations.

Offense Position

While teaching them offense position, let them be comfortable on the court. After they know about layups, shooting, and dribbling, students will start to figure out on their own. Teach them how to move the ball around the court and not to stand still. Make them understand how the screen works and when to do screen an opponent. The more you move the better chance of advancing the game.


A player needs to be open to get a pass from the teammates. If a player is not open then it will be hard to move a ball or make a play. Teach them how to crosscut, straight cut, court cuts and explain to them about its advantages.  It will be a bit confusing at the beginning for students, once they set the cuts on their mind they can do it.

Athletic and Physical workouts

Students need to gain the strength to perform better results. Being a basketball coach, you have to equally focus on both on the court and of the court workouts. Train them to jump higher, run faster, skip, stop and improve other basic movements. Physical and athletic workouts are important to produce a better result on the court.

Above mentioned drills are the best and most used drills by the basketball coach. As you get experience from small kids training, try out for junior-level coaching. In junior level coaching, you can use the above-mentioned drills by adding some repetition. The above workout is done by all senior and junior groups because these are the fundamental drills every basketball player does.  

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