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How to Get Back in Shape for Basketball

Basketball is the fastest game among other sports and is very complicated. You may get injured or may not perform good results while playing if you are not in good shape or dive into the game without any warm-ups or training. Getting back in shape for basketball will improve your conditioning so that you can get the best result while playing at a high level and prevent injuries. So here are some conditioning drills that can get the help you to get back in shape.

Pogo Hops

While playing basketball we need to jump frequently to shoot or rebound the ball. If you are not in good shape than you might get injured while jumping. To prevent such injuries, Pogo Hops or dorsiflexion is the best exercise to get your jump back in shape for basketball.

Point your toe towards the ceiling and Jump for ten reps and change it to low hops. This workout will help you get your lower body core flexible and helps in flowing your blood and get primed up which will let prevent injuries.


Squats help in exploding your jump. Since we are discussing getting back in the shape for basketball, we are not going to lift heavyweights. Simply do the body squat or get a dumbbell and do the squat for 15 times and repeat for 3 sets. This kind of squats will help in improving your jump shots, rebounds, and speed.

Split squat

If you want to play to the next level than you have to be quick and explosive so the split squat will help in improving your muscle. A lot of players get injured without even knowing it and mostly if the players are not in good shape while playing basketball. So working out on split squat helps you in misbalancing your body muscles too. While doing split squat make sure you are exploding up through your hamstring.


Planks are very important workouts for the core. A lot of people do crunches exercise for core but I prefer planks as a basketball player. When we jump or attack the defender we are always contracting the core part. So plank better than crunches if you want to get back in shape for basketball. While doing the plank, pull your feet towards your elbow and pull your elbow towards your feet for effective contraction.


Being a basketball player, we cannot only focus on the lower and core part of our bodies. We also need an upper body part body and are extremely important in building overall power in our body.

Such strengths are need when you need to control your body in the air or while talking the shots. So work out on pull-ups or chin-ups to get back in shape for basketball.

However, weeks or a few days may not be enough to get your shape for basketball, but some of the workouts may improve your fitness. You need to work harder and have patience if you want to get better in basketball with good shapes.

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