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How To Get Better At Basketball?

Being a basketball is not that easy and there are no short cuts for becoming a better player. You need a lot of practice dedication and sacrifice if you want to become a good player. Whether you are a beginner or rookie, everyone needs training and guidance for developing your game. The more practice the better your game, so practice is compulsory to get better at basketball. Though, there are five basic skills are required in basketball,the main fundamentals to become a better basketball player are Shooting, Dribbling, Defending and Physical workouts, Team coordination and so on. Let’s discuss them one by one.


               Dribbling the ball plays a vital role in the game. If you have better dribble than you have a better chance of controlling the ball. It is also the first skill a basketball player should learn. When you learn how to dribble, you need to spread your fingers and keep it in a relaxed mood. Don’t focus on your palm to dribble the ball. Use your fingertips to bounce the ball because most of dribbling moves are done by fingertips. When you dribble the ball, your body should always stay low and be in ready position for movement. Here are some best top 15 recommended drills on how to get better at basketball dribbling from EGT Basketball Academy. Trust us, do this drill and you will get shocked by your result. Many players have been better by following these dribble moves.

Credit: EGTBasketball


               We all know that great shooters always have placed on any basketball team. Don’t worry if you can’t play with speed pace or be a good ball handler. You can be a good shooter and help out the whole team. Shooting is one of the main roles in basketball games. The more you shoot consistently and score, the better your chance in winning the game. Let us discuss how to shoot a basketball to become a better player.

How to get good at shooting a basketball?

When you shoot the ball, always be sure and confident. Even the greatest player in the NBA says that confidence is the best key to score while shooting. Some of the main fundamentals you should keep focusing on how to make the perfect basketball shot are:

  • Your eyes should always be on a target position
  • Stance and balance should be maintained while shooting
  • Your ball grip must be accurate while shooting
  • While releasing the ball your hand must be balanced

Follow the guide given in the video on how to shoot the ball consistently. According to our survey, the below-mentioned video is one of the best for improving your shooting skill
Credit: IlovebasketbalTv


Most of the people like an offensive game in basketball. But they don’t realize that due to the good defense, there comes a chance of offense. The defense is also one of the main roles to convert basket points in the game. You may have heard the quote “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” While defending an opponent you should always be on ready position and stay low so that you can act to an opponent.

How to play basketball defense?

There are different types of defense according to the position of the player in the game. Some need to block the shot, some need to distract the player and some need to steal or attack the ball. All defense position varies according to the opponents play. Watch the most recommended video on how to get better on defense.
Credit: IlovebasketbalTv

Team Work

In a basketball game, teamwork is a must and without teamwork, there is no chance of winning the game. You need to rotate the ball to create space, pass the ball to the team to get the bucket. The one-man army doesn’t work in the game and is not possible. So you need to learn how the team works and need to coordinate with the team. learn how to pass the ball, how to assist the team, Call for the action on the court and so on.

Remember, you need to talk and help the team in the game and watch your team’s back. If you don’t talk and coordinate with the team in the game than you may have less chance of winning so team coordination is the most important role in the basketball game. Watch the video below to improve your teamwork coordination on the court by Championship Basketball

Credit: Champion Production

Physical and Mental Work out

You need confidence and a hundred percent focus on the game. Your mind also plays the role of the game, if you are confused and unsure about the shots and passes than you will have a lot of chance of turnovers so always set a positive thought on your mind. So, be mentally prepared for playing basketball games to perform your game consistent way. You need to go through workouts to get additional speed, strength and efficiency to become better at the basketball game. These extra workouts will produce an additional positive result in your game. Work on the court and off the court (gym) to improve your body. Watch videos below to improve your Mental and Physical workouts on the court and of the court.

Strength Workout

Credit: IlovebasketbalTv

 Explosive Workout
Credit: IlovebasketbalTv

Mental Workout

Credit: PGC Basketball

So this is the top way to get better at the basketball game. Remember, you must work hard and follow the above steps to be an elite player. Nothing comes easy, it takes much more practice and dedication.

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