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How to Get Quicker Feet for Basketball?

In basketball, it is important to have the foot speed to plus point the game. If the athletes don’t have feet quickness, they will lack in producing a good result and this applies to all the sports. A player who is lacking on speed will be easily beaten by their opponent so having quicker feet is important in basketball.

When it comes to quicker feet, most players forget about lateral linear speed and keep focusing on other wrong drills. They aren’t aware that side to side lateral workout is also important to get quick feet for basketball. So, we are here to improve those lacking workouts to quicken your feet so athletes can advance in-game. These workouts need no equipment, you can also do this workout at your home.

Ski Jumps

Ski jumps are like squat jumps but the focus is on moving body side to side. As said before not only linear speed plays a vital role, we also need to focus on the side to side speed. When this exercise always focuses that the weight is on the back of your side. This workout helps in strengthening your lower back muscles which will help you to get quicker foot while you are on the court. Always keep your core tight and activate your glutes when you do this workout.

Body Weight squats

The bodyweight squat can be performed virtually anywhere with no equipment and limited space. This exercise helps in building your quadriceps muscle and improve your hip mobility. Bodyweight squat will not only bring quickness in your feet but also helps in strengthening your tendons in your knees. Always focus on your calves and hamstrings when you perform this exercise.

Quick Feet In and Out

This workout is very effective for improving quickness and agility and also work as a cardio. So whenever you do this workout, always keep your core tight and activate your glutes so that you can be quicker on your feet.  Bounce your toes as quickly as possible and also keep your thighs all the time whenever you do this exercise.

Squat Jumps

This sort of jumps is powerful workouts that strengthen your entire lower body and burn calories. While doing this exercise, focus on exploding your jump as high as possible and keep focusing on your knee muscle and lower back.  It will help you to get quicker feet and improve your ability to take-off faster when you jump. This sort of workout targets quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves including abs and back muscle.

Side lunges

These exercises also play a vital role in building strength in the lower part of the body, develop balance and stability in the body while running or sliding. Lots of players don’t focus on side speeding exercise. Fewer of them know that side speed is the most important to twist and turn movements. So, this workout will be the best to boost your side speed to get quick feet in basketball as well as other sports.

 So these are the best  5  effective workouts you need to work on to get quicker feet in basketball. Besides these exercises, there are also other exercises you can include in your workout plans to strengthen your lower part of the body.

Lateral Bounce



Split Jumps

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