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How to improve passing ability in basketball?

In a basketball game, passing ability plays the main role in advancing the game. The more pass, the better the opportunity to assist the teammate and help in scoring and making plays. If you have good passing ability than you can make advance plays on the game. So we’re going to learn some of the tips to improve passing drills to become a better passer in a real game.

Less Is More (Keep it Simple)

In basketball games, the player sometimes likes to do some crazy fancy stuff like behind the back pass, no-look passes and so on. Those kinds of passes are cool and my bring you to highlights but it may not be sure that your teammate gets the pass accurately. So let’s keep it simple and do some simple chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass. When you get in the lane and beat your man or you are tightly guarded by your opponent, just keep it simple and kick out the chest, head or bounce pass as needed. This passing drill will help you to assist more rather than those fancy passes.

Eyes Up All Time

When you are in the game and making plays, always keep your eyes up to see whether your teammates are open or not while giving the pass. Not only passing, but you should have a habit of keeping your eye up while handling the ball. If you look NBA ball handlers passing or dribbling the ball, they always keep their eyes up to perform better pass. If nobody is open than dribble but don’t look down and dribble. So the first thing you need to do is always keep your eyes up when you get the ball. This makes your eye vision clear on where to pass and when to pass. Such type of passing drills plays specific roles to assist quick pass and get an easy bucket.

Know your Basic Passes

While passing the ball, you should always know the passing speed, target, and position to assist easily to your teammates. You should always know your basic passes to make good plays and to advance the game. Let’s get into the 3 passing drills you should keep in mind while assisting the ball.

Chest Pass

 When you pass the ball, don’t throw it too fast or slow. Always try to hit your teammate to the chest while passing and know your speed while passing the ball. Make sure that your teammate gets the ball on easy motion so that he/she can perform other moves easily. When you are giving the bounce pass, always bounce the ball quarter.

Bounce Pass

When throwing the bounce pass always bounce 3 quarters away from you. And when you bounce pass to your team pass it a bit fast so that your opponent cannot steal the ball easily. Try making habits of keeping one leg front and pass the ball. Try this pass with chest pass as well with left leg, right leg, and stationery position.

Overhead Pass

Last but not least, the overhead passes are for farther passes. When practicing this passing drills, try to get a little further and do the overhead pass like soccer player passes the ball to their teammates. Same as chest and bounce passing drills, step your leg forward simultaneously while passing the ball. Also, try baseball passes drills to perform a good fast break pass.

Know Your Offence and Teammates

When you are handling the ball you should know where to lead the players, where the teammate should be, where to hit the players backdoor and so on in order to pass the ball. If you know your teammates than you know your offense and automatically makes you a better passer. For example, if your teammate is a big guy, pass it upwards and if your teammate is a small guy, bounce pass or low pass the ball. You also should be aware where your teammate asks for the ball and pass according to it.

Handle the basketball

The last drills and tips to become a better passer are to be able to handle the basketball. Handling the ball and passing is different but they work together. because if you are in the game and you are confident in handling the ball, you can see the defense, your offense getting open and you can know where you are passing the ball. IF you can’t handle the ball it will be pretty difficult to make pass the ball. So work on how to get better handles to be a better passer.

So these are some of the best tips to improve your passing drills to become a better passer in the real game. Hope you understood it and don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any question about basketball. Also check out our other article on how to improve your vertical jump, shooting drills and ball handling drills.

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