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How to Improve Your Dribbling Skills at Home?

Hello Hoopers, in this topic we will discuss how to improve dribbling skills at home. You don’t need a basketball court or any other equipment to do this sort of dribbling drills. You can dribble anywhere and improve your dribbling skills at home. So, let’s get into the drills to improve your weak handles to nasty one just by staying at home.

Walking Between Dribbling

When you are walking down the streets or driveway, use between the legs dribbling around your neighborhood to improve your simple basketball drill. Get comfortable with handling the ball working on your rhythm and keeping the ball on your fingertips. Whenever you are walking down to your friend’s home or streets, try using this. Dribble between your leg each time when you walk to get better handles in basketball.  Remember folks, It’s never a bad time assuring your class. Don’t hesitate and keep dribbling the ball around your house to improve your dribbling drills.

Walking Combos Dribbling

After you have practiced between the leg dribbling drills and now you are more comfortable with them, let’s move on to a bit of fancy and creative moves. It is the same type of concept as walking between and working on your smoothness and controlling the basketball. So in this same drill, you can add some other combination of crossovers, behind the back and other dribbling basketball drills. Try doing three combo moves at a time when you are walking down the streets or around your home. First, cross over, go for between the legs, and dribble behind the back on each step while walking. These types of skills are very useful to beat the opponent on one on one basketball game

Zig zag Dribbling

Same as other dribbling drills, zig-zag dribbling is also one of the drills that you can do at home to improve your basketball skills. So as your walk around, just take one or two dribbles in one direction and immediately dribble between the leg and change your direction to another direction and keep continuing. This dribbling drill helps you in changing your direction very quickly in the tight little space or when your opponent is guarding you tightly. Work on the speed of being able to get out of that tight defense and explode as fast as you can in the other direction. These drills are used by many NBA players to improve their dribbling and quickness skills.

Here is a video from THINCPRO Basketball on how to improve your dribbling skills at home step by step.

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