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How to Jump Higher in Basketball?

According to the Professional basketball coaches, every player in the world has a specific type of jump. Athletes always prefer to have a higher jump according to their specific types like sprint, speed, and strength. The key to maximize your vertical jump is not only knowing what type of jumper you are but training specifically and customizing to jump higher. So let’s get into the depth of what kind of jumper you are so that you can make sure your training matches your jumping type and get the best result possible.

Speed Jump Type

The first Jumping we are going to describe is a speed jumper. A speed type is like Kevin Durant. Speed types players usually take off from one foot and they generate their power by creating speed in momentum when they are going to the hoop. Basically, there are three main exercises to jump higher in basketball for speed jumper types.

Pogo Jump

The first exercise for the speed jumper is pogo jump. For this, you have to stand on an athletic stance and generate a vast majority of power through their calves and ankles. There shouldn’t be a lot of knee bent and as soon as you hit the ground, you have to spring right up. Try this jump 6 times with a set of 3. The reason pogo jump is great for speed type jumper is that they don’t use their gluts and cores to activate their power and don’t use knee bent. You have to generate the speed in that momentum from the knee down to jump higher in the basketball games. Make sure that as soon as you hit the ground you have to be like elastic and pop up.

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Depth Jump with a squat position

The second exercise for the speed jumper types is depth jump follow by landing in a split-squad stand position. Now, this is a bit advanced exercise you can master it after two or three days. To this exercise, you have to get on the top of the bench. After you get on to the bench you have to drop down on the ground. The moment your foreleg hit the ground you have to spring back up into a high vertical jump and when you land from the second vertical jump you have to be on a split-squad stand positon. Try this squad with each leg for six times for three sets. From this exercise, you get the strength of elasticity in momentum to generate speed from the ground and jump high in basketball games.

Rare foot elevated split-squad

The third of our favorite exercises for speed jumper is a rare foot elevated squad. Most of the speed jumper prefers to take accelerate from one foot to jump higher in basketball and other sports. So let’s customize our training to strengthen one leg at a time. the rare foot elevated split-squad is one of the best exercises you can do to build the power and strength once at a time. So to this, you have to put you one leg in step on the bench and simply have to lower your back knee to the ground by generating all of the strength and power of the front leg. Athletes use the same thing they use when speed jumper is actually jumping. Try 5 times on each leg for 3 sets to get a good result. You can use dumbbells according to your strength.

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Sprint Jump Type

Now let’s discuss the sprint jumper. Sprint type jumpers are those athletes like Kobe Bryant. These kinds of jumper have an equal combination of speed and strength. They can jump high off from one foot and two feet as well. The most important thing about sprint jump is, you have to take a balanced approach to this kind of customized training. You have to cooperate with one leg and both leg exercises for combining speed and strength to jump higher in basketball. Here are our best three exercises for Sprint jumpers

Dumbbell Jump Squat

The first exercise for the sprint jumper is Dumbbell Jump Squad. The oldie and a goodie dumbbell jump squad help in improving both speed and strength. To do the explosive movement under load exercise, you have to stand on squad position holding a dumbbell on your side. Jump vertically as high as possible and land down softly by balancing the forefoot. Try this rep for 5 times with 3 sets each and you’ll see the result in few weeks. For the sprint jumpers, you have to narrate both speed and strength to have a balanced attack on the rim. Sometimes with one leg whereas sometimes with another leg.

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Step Up Jump

The second exercise for sprint jumpers is a step-up jump. For this, you have to put your one leg on the bench. Step on the bench with one foot instead of two legs. Generate the explosive power to jump high as possible by your leg which is on the top of the bench. This exercise helps you to strengthen muscle and create more speed and lets you jump higher in basketball games. Follow this exercise six times with 3 reps on each leg to get better in basketball.

Source: esAthletics

Kettle dumbbell swing

Now the third part of the exercise for sprint jumper type is kettle dumbbell swing. You can also use a dumbbell instead of kettle if you don’t have one. In this exercise, you will be working on the triple extension and strengthening of hips with loads. To do this, you have to stay standing on the athletic stand holding the kettle or dumbbell. User your hips to drive your kettle ball or dumbbell forward. This exercise helps you to improve your strength and speed. Do this for 6 times with 3 reps.

Source: Wodstar

Strength Jump Type

Talking about the strength jumpers, these types of players are very powerful players like Jason Tatum who has so much strength. These types of players also lack their movement efficiency jump often to jump on their full capability. Now let’s make improvements on some of the movement patterns and customize it to jump higher as possible in basketball.

One Leg in Lateral Hop

So the first step of strength jumper type exercise is not about creating a strength. You already have that if you are a strength jumper. Instead of it, you have to work on your movement efficiency and the ability for their muscles to fire as fast as possible. So to do this you have to stand on one leg and do one lateral hop. Try doing this from one point to another with each leg for 10 times and three reps. This exercise helps you in fast movement and jump higher in the basketball game.


Depth Drop

The next exercise for the Strength jumper is depth drop. You probably may think about why we are working on a landing if your goal is to jump. This is because your body has different self-preserve mechanisms that won’t allow your body to jump higher than the force you can absorb. So you need to make sure that you are training for your ability to absorb the force when you land so that ultimately you can increase the ceiling on what your vertical jump will be. For this exercise, you have to get on top of the bench. After getting on the bench, quickly step off from the bench and land on the ground with your fore toe on the ground. Make sure you have great stability on landing when you jump off from the bench. Try for 6 times with 3 reps to improve your strength to jump higher in basketball.

Source: StKatesAthletics

Tug Jump

Our third exercise for strength jumpers will be the tug jump. For the Tug jump, you have to be on an athletic stand position and jump high as possible as you can and tug your knees to your chest using your hip flex. Once again you already have strength, remember you are working for quickness component so when you jump you are going to see the elasticity. As soon as you hit the ground, you have to go right back up to improve your speed movement. Keep doing this 6 times for 3 reps to improve your jump.

Source: Workout Technique

Once you keep training on your jump by knowing which jumper you are, you will find yourself the best result possible in a few weeks or months. However, we want to make sure that we never want you to train only in a specific jump type just because you are that type of jumper. We suggest you work on speed, strength and sprint jump training too in order to be a fast and powerful athlete to jump higher in basketball.

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