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How to Play One on One Basketball Game?

One on One basketball game is played in the half-court with official rules made by National Basketball Federation. The game is also known as a street basketball game. There are certain rules you need to follow when you play one on one basketball games. Let us discuss in detail how to play one-on-one basketball games are played and what are its rules.

About One on One Basketball Game

In one on one game, the first player who scores 11 wins the game each counting as 1 point per basket scored by players. The game also may be of any points such as 5, 7, 11, 15, 21, and so on. The game begins by flipping the coin or shooting the basketball i.e. if the shot is made by the player then it is given offensive position. According to the basketball rules, the games are played for 3 sets. In some street basketball game, one on one basketball game is played for only one set. It depends upon how many sets both teams agree to play to win the match.

Consecutive games will begin with the player who did not start game one. For example, if player A starts game one, player B will start the second round and A will start with the third round. This round continues until the winner is decided.  In one game when a player scores, he/she will get to play the ball again which is also known as “advantage position”. If the ball is changed to an opponent then he/she should take the ball outside the three-point line in terms of the offensive position. If the player doesn’t cross the three-point line then a foul violation is called and the ball is given to the opponent.

One on One Basketball Calls

When you play in one game, you also need to have honest calls. If a foul is made while it is not inaction of shooting position, then the ball is allowed to play from the outside 3-point line as a bonus play. In case of shooting foul, if the player makes a basket and opponents fouls at the same time. The foul shot disagrees and the game goes on. There is also a rule of 3 seconds violations in one on one basketball. If the ball is tied or jump ball, the offensive play is awarded to the player who has less score. In the case of a tie game, the jump ball is always given to the offense. So these are the rules on how to play one-on-one basketball games.

How to win one on one basketball?

Honestly saying, you can’t be a good basketball player in one day, week, or month. It takes a lot of practice and hard work. If you are searching for magic power on how to win one on one basketball game without knowing its principle and plays then you are on the wrong site. To win any game you must be prepared from the beginning. You should work hard in every sector of basketball moves and learn drills on how to become a better basketball player. To win the game is equivalent to being a better player.

Before participating in any basketball game, you should start your training before a month so that you can be ready for the upcoming game. Try to improve your shooting, dribbling, rebounding skills to get positive results in the game.

Tips to Win One on One Basketball game.

  • Get good kit like shoes, ankle protectors to improve your pace in the game. The game also depends upon what shoes you wear and how you protect your body from injuries.
  • I recommend you to do warm-ups before entering the game. Stretch your body parts and keep your body warm to perform well in the game.
  • Practice some of your favorite moves and shots on courts while warming up for the game. If you practice it once or twice, you can accurate your moves when you are on the game.
  • It will be better to get a coach when you are in-game. Coaches play a vital role in advancing the game because they decide and choose how to play and target the weakness of the opponent and advance on their weak skills.

So these are some of the tips on how to play basketball one on one. Feel free to comment down if you have any other tips and tricks about one on one basketball.

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