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What is Assist in Basketball?

An assist in basketball is a name given to the player who passes the ball to the teammates to score the field goal. Assist are used to compare the stats of players for higher awards and are used to select the best players of the game or league.

However, Basketball assists have different definitions according to the league. There is a difference between passes while dribbling and non-dribbling assists in the NBA and NACAA games.

NBA Assists

The player is given an assist if the ball is directly passed to the teammates who scores directly in NBA. NBA assists can be counted when dribbling, shooting or doing other moves and after the pass is given.

The NBA assists are divided into three-part:

Secondary assist

  • The second assist can be counted when the player scores the ball within two seconds and a dribble after a pass.
  • Secondary pass helps in analyzing offensive efficiency and coordination between the teammates. It is also known as a hockey assist.

Free throw assist

  • Free throw assist is given when a player passes the ball to another player, who is then fouled and makes at least one free throw.
  • When a player does not attempt all free throws then assist will not be given.
  • In order to get an assist, the player must shoot the ball within four seconds and two dribbles after the pass are made.

Potential assist

  • When a player gives the ball to teammates and the teammate scores the basket then it is a potential assist.
  • Potential assist helps in keeping stats of players for predicting better games.
  • Those players who are fast-paced and play the game in speed are mostly awarded potential assists.

NCAA Assists

  • In NCAA games, the rule of assist is simple than NBA.
  • The player is given an assist award when the player passes the ball and the teammates scores a field goal.
  • Whether the ball is score is two-point or one point, the player is given one assist.
  • In NCAA the surveyor examines the call and decides to give an assist or not.

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