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What is Field Goal in Basketball?

What is Field Goal in Basketball?

The term field goal in basketball is a shot that is attempted by a player in order to score a ball at an opponent’s court other than free throw when the shot clock is running.  It can be made by shooting it from outside the 3-point line or two-point line. A field goal is the most basic shot in basketball.

Basketball players with a high field goal percentage can double his/her points in-game. The more effective the field goal percentage; the better the player. The field goal percentage in player describes from which position does a player can convert the shot better. They may be post-player, three-point, or midrange shooters. It can be made by dunk, layups, and jump shots done by the player on the court. Coaches make plays according to the percentage of goals made by the player.

Mostly Basketball Coaches refer to shoot either from two-point line or three-point line depending upon how much goal percent player has in NBA and College basketball games. If a player that attempted 10 shots and makes 4 out of 10 then field goal percentage of 40%. This is how the player’s percentage is calculated. The better the player’s skills, the higher their goal percentage will be. A player with good shooting skills basically averages about 40% from the field.

Who has the Highest Field Goal in Basketball?

The former Los Angeles Lakers center, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the NBA record for the “most career field goals made,” with a total of 15,387 goals and the “most field goal attempts ever” with 28,307 attempts.

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