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Who is the Tallest Basketball Player

The tallest player in the world was from Libya. Till now Suleiman Ali Nashnush is the world’s tallest basketball player with a height of 8.038058 feet (2.45m) recorded in Gunnies World Record . He was born in on August,17,1943 and Died on February 25, 1991.

Who is the tallest player in NBA History?

According to National Basketball Association, the tallest player in the NBA history is Gheorghe Mureșan with the height of 7ft7.5 inch (2.32m) and weight 325lba (147gk. He was born on February 14, 1971, at Tritenii de JosSocialist Republic of Romania and started playing basketball in the 1980s. ). Mureșan was drafted in 1985 at second-round 31st overall pick by Washington Bullets. He has also received many NBA awards like NBA Most Improved Player (1996) 2× NBA Field Goal Percentage Leader (19961997) Romanian  French League champion (2001) League champion (1992) French League Cup winner (1993) and so on.

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