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Why do Basketball Players Wear Masks?

The mask in the NBA is not for fashion or style. It is for protecting face surface injury. Mostly player doesn’t choose to wear a basketball face mask; their doctor orders them to wear a mask so that they can prevent from more injury over their face. It may not be the hottest look but masks serve the purpose. We can see that even NBA legends wore masks to stay away from injuries when they are at good playoff games. Players like Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James have turned up wearing the mask on the court.

why do player wear masks
Kyrie Irving with mask

 Once Kobe Bryant broke his nose accidentally while running into the DeWayne Wade at the 2012 All-Star Game. Later he was seen wearing a black mask to protect his broken nose from another injury. He was frequently seen with a black and transparent mask in the game. The masks were later on sold for $50,000.

The master man with crazy handles also wore masks in several games in his career. He was seen with the black face mask while he was in the Cleveland Cavalries. Kyrie was suffering from a jaw fracture at that time and to protect his jaw he was seen with the mask. Kyrie was again seen wearing a mask again when he was in the Boston Celtics   

In 2018 Joel Embiid also had fractured his orbital bone which required surgery after he collided with his teammate Markelle Fultz. After undergoing the procedure, Joel decided to continue wearing the masks during the game until further notice.

Kawhi Leonard also had his plastic masks on after he was hit by his teammate Serge Ibaka while he was driving to the basket. 

Rip Hamilton with mask

LeBron James has turned out in a mask when he was in the Miami Heat for the first time in 2012. After that, he was seen with the mask frequently in his career.

Legend Detroit NBA player Richard Hamilton was also seen wearing masks, not for the few games but for full four years in NBA. He was also the most known mask player in the game.

Likewise, so many other NBA players were and are seen with the mask. Athletes like Chris Paul, Tracy McGrady, Russel Westbrook were seen with masks to prevent their faces from injury. Even legend Wilt Chamberlain was also seen with the mask on.

Most Basketball players wear masks to protect their faces from a broken nose, jaw fractures, and many other unwanted injuries on their faces. Therefore the mask is not going anywhere and will still be in use to protect the face.

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